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Hello and Welcome to ExerSciz Solutions. Where we put science into exercise. 

My name is Pierre Gaudet and I am one of the exercise physiologists on the ExerSciz Solution's team of exercise physiologists and medical doctors. 

We have worked with over 15 Olympic and Professional Teams, medical clinics, and with many people just like you.  

ExerSciz Solutions is a personalized, on-line exercise and physical activity coaching and monitoring system. 

It offers clients the option of creating either: 

a personalized, structured exercise program that is specific to your goals, exercise history, schedule, fitness level and available equipment. For example, many people will use this program to achieve their weight loss, health and wellness, or advanced fitness goals;  


simply tracking the amount and intensity of daily physical activity you get, such as walking, gardening, housework, or recreational sports, and to receive feedback on whether or not you are doing enough activity to improve your health. 


At ExerSciz, we realize that improving health is a long term undertaking and that motivation and interest can wane.

To keep clients engaged for the long term, we use a variety of social media and educational tools. 

Regularly monitoring your progress can be a powerful motivational tool.  In addition to monitoring physical activity, the ExerSciz system features a unique “ExerSciz Fitness Index” (or EFI).  

The EFI is a series of home based fitness tests that allow you to monitor changes in your fitness level on six major fitness parameters, and to compare yourself to others of your own age and gender.  

Data from the EFI is also used to further personalize a structured program. 

ExerSciz’s philosophy is one of guiding you on a path to better health, incorporating proper nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and creating a balanced lifestyle through small, incremental changes that can become a permanent part of your behavior and habits. 

Thank you very much for your time... and we are looking forward to the opportunity in assisting you on your fitness and health journey.

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