Selecting Your Rubber Tubing

There is a wide variety of tubing available from a variety of manufacturers. Tubing is generally colored; unfortunately the resistance that corresponds to the colors from one manufacturer may not be the same for another, making it difficult to choose tubing based solely on color. Most companies carry 3-5 different tensions ranging from very light to very heavy. Since tubing is relatively inexpensive having one tube of each tension level will ensure you have an adequate resistance for a variety of exercises. Double tubing is available for stronger people, double tubing is two pieces of tubing attached to the same handle.

Tubing can be purchased as either bulk tubing or in pre cut lengths. Bulk tubing can be purchased in rolls of up to 100 feet, allowing you to cut different lengths and set up multiple stations. Pre cut tubing typically comes in 36", 48" or 60" lengths. Most pre cut tubing has handles, making it much easier to perform most exercises. We recommend the pre cut tubing with handles for home and personal use.

Some tubing comes with a protective sleeve that protects the tubing from nicks, cuts, sweat, body oils, exposure to UV light and other factors that will cause the rubber to degrade and decrease the durability of the tubing. It also makes it more comfortable to perform exercises where the tubing may be rubbing over your body. Whether you choose tubing with a sleeve or not is completely a personal choice, there is no performance advantage to having the sleeve.

Specialty Tubing

The basic tubing with a handle is going to be adequate for most people. However, there are some specialty tubing and elastic resistance products that will benefit specific groups of people. O tubing is a circular tubing unit that attaches around the ankles and is used to target the inner and outer thighs. This is popular for those who are doing group fitness classes or following fitness videos.

Lateral steppers or resistors are tubing products that feature ankle cuffs joined by a piece of tubing, these are used to add resistance to various agility drills, particularly lateral movement drills. If you are involved in a sport that requires change of direction speed and agility you may consider this product.

Bands, large elastic bands that are draped over a weightlifting bar, have become popular in powerlifting and strength sports circles. Bands are used in addition to weights to increase the resistance at the top of many multi joint movements. Powerlifting coach Louie Simmons popularized the use of bands and has had great success using them with top level powerlifters. There are a variety of sizes of bands, the strongest of which will add up to 150lbs of resistance to each side of the bar per band attached.

Sprinting resistors and assistors are long pieces of thick tubing that attach to a belt that is worn around the waist. The tubing is held by a training partner and can be used to provide resistance to forward, backward and lateral sprinting exercises. This type of training helps improve stride rate, one of the key components of running faster.

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