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ExerSciz Solutions Integrated Health Care

The ExerSciz Solutions Clinical Program is a premiere, personalized, on-line exercise and physical activity coaching and monitoring system.

It offers you:

1. the opportunity to create a structured exercise program;

2. the ability to monitor those daily activities that can contribute to good health;

3. the ability to assess your own fitness level. 


Exercise, Physical Activity, or Both

Physical Activity refers to daily occupational, household and recreational activities that require you to be moving about.

Leading a physically active lifestyle is every bit as effective as a structured exercise program for decreasing your risk of

heart attack, cancer, diabetes, depression and many other diseases. When you register with ExerSciz Solutions you have

the option of choosing the healthy lifestyle approach that is best for you. You have the choice of a structured exercise

program, monitored physical activity, or both. 


Approved and monitored by your Health Care Professional

Exercise and physical activity are:

• The health intervention that will benefit you, regardless of your age or the state of your health.

• Clinically proven to reduce the risks of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, dementia, and many other health conditions.

• Recommended in all medical guidelines for chronic disease management.


ExerSciz Solutions offers the only physical activity and exercise program that is fully integrated into your overall health

care plan. When you create your program online, it is sent to your health care professional for review and approval, to

ensure that you are not going to aggravate any existing health condition. Once your health care professional signs off on

your program, you can get to start working on improving your health. 

At ExerSciz, we realize that improving health is a long term undertaking and that motivation and interest can wane.

To keep engaged for the long term, we use a variety of social media and educational tools. Including “Fit Tip” emails,

webcasts, videos, and scientific articles to provide the information, tools and skills that increase your confidence in your

ability to make life changes. Our moderated discussion groups provide a community where clients can reach out to each

other and our experts for support and advice. And of course, access to the support of your own trusted Health Care

Practitioner’s team ensures that you are in good hands on your fitness and health journey.


If you are a Health Care Professional and would like more information about the ExerSciz Clinical Program,

please contact us at or call us directly at 613-252-2470. 


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