How do I login to my ExerSciz account?

Simply go to the ExerSciz website and enter your access email and password that were emailed to you after your registration. 

Where can I get guidance on how to maximize my use of the site, for my goals?

Once logged into your account, simply click on the "Webcast" link on the right side of the page.  There is a series of short "Instructional Videos" and "Informational Videos" that we strongly suggest members to view before creating their program in order to maximize their use of the site and tools.

How do I create my program right away, and where do I view it?

After you have logged into the website, simply follow Step No. 1 and Step No. 2 that are on the right of the page... Step 1 is the questionnaire that you fill out which then creates your personalized program, and Step 2 is where you can view your program.

 Who is behind ExerSciz Solutions, and how do I know that my exercise program is of the highest quality for my goals and current level of conditioning?

Simply visit the "About Us" or "Advisory Board" section at the top of the site to review the background experience of the people that have created  the programming... To also understand more about what you will have access to through this site, view the video below titled "What to expect!".


What to expect!



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