ExerSciz+ Program

Welcome to the ExerSciz+ Program !

We are very excited to announce the launch of a new addition to our services; one that we have had many requests for and what we call... the “ExerSciz+ Program”.

At ExerSciz Solutions, we are committed to creating the most advanced on-line, personalized exercise programming tools available anywhere, so that you can feel confident that you are getting the best possible program at the most affordable price.

We are not about fads. We are about what has been proven to work, both scientifically and within clinical settings.

But we also understand that having regular, direct access to a live, qualified personal trainer can be a great help for many people.

ExerSciz+ offers something never available before in the field of fitness. Our on-line, automated programming tools can now be combined with the support of a live, remote personal trainer.

That's right, you can now combine the best of both worlds: automated, personalized on-line programs AND a live, remote personal trainer.

Resulting in an offer with savings of at least 50% - 75%, when compared to the cost of a trainer at a gym or at home.

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Please review the following 3 short videos to get all the program info and pricing, or contact us directly at 613-252-2470 on weekdays between 9am-5pm ET or any time at info@exersciz.com.

 1) ExerSciz+ Program Introduction Video


2) ExerSciz+ Program Details Video


 3) ExerSciz+ Program Pricing Video




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