Eating on the Run – When Hunger Attacks!

Finding the time to eat well during a hectic day does take some planning! Here are some suggestions to help you pack healthy lunches and snacks, or make better choices if you’re eating out.

Eating well during your busy day away from home can be achieved by packing ‘foods to go’ for lunch and snacks. By avoiding the fast food shops, you’ll save time and money as well as making it easier to avoid empty calories and have nutrient rich choices. Bringing lunch from home also gives you more time for a quick walk or workout on your lunch break. Try some of the following tips;

If you don’t have time to pack your own lunches or snacks you don’t have to fall prey to unhealthy snack bars, vending machines and fast foods when hunger hits. Here are some suggestions to make better choices:

Following some of these simple tips can help to make eating on the run more nutritious!

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