Why ExerSciz Solutions?

Hello and Welcome to ExerSciz Solutions.

My name is Pierre Gaudet and I am one of the exercise physiologists on the ExerSciz Solution's team of exercise physiologists and medical doctors.  Together we have worked with over 15 Olympic and Professional Teams, medical clinics, and many people just like you. 

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Our first video introduces you to ExerSciz Solutions... this second video explains the “Why” of ExerSciz Solutions.

There are many things that Health Care Practitioners disagree on, but the one thing that they all agree on is that exercise and physical activity are key ingredients to your health and well-being.

The Problem and the Challenge is that studies indicate that 10% of people exercise “regularly” and only 20% exercise “occasionally”.

These same studies list 3 major reasons why people say they don’t exercise: 

  1. I don't know what to do;

  2. I don't like to exercise; I find it too painful or difficult; and

  3. I don’t have the time...


We also know that about 95% of people will never go and see a Personal Trainer for a personal exercise program, often for financial reasons;

And finally, we know that about 70% of people who try to exercising on their own, will fail.

And so it’s not surprising that there is frustration and confusion about the often contradictory information that is available on both exercise and nutrition. 

Our “My Program” tool eliminates all these issues in a powerful way.  It empowers you to finally achieve your fitness goals... be it Weight Loss, General Health & Wellness, or a more Advanced Fitness goal.  

The “My Physical Activity” toolwas developed because,here at ExerSciz, we understand that not everyone wants to do a structured workout.

Many people prefer to lead an active lifestyle through walking, gardening, recreational sports or other forms of physical activity. Physical activity can be as good as a “Structured Program” for health benefits, as long as you do enough of it on a weekly basis.   

Studies have found that you have a much higher chance of doing this minimum amount of Physical Activity on a weekly basis, if it is monitored.   

The “My Physical Activity” tool first permits you to assess your current level of activity and see if it is sufficient for improved health, and then permits you to monitor that level on a weekly basis. 

When it comes to Fitness, it is always a good idea to know from where you are starting and that what you are doing is actually working. The “My Assessment” tool was developed for exactly that reason. 

Monitoring your progress with the ExerSciz Fitness Index (or EFI) improves motivation and gives you concrete evidence of the benefits of your hard work.  

Finally, we have created a variety of tools to help inform and support you. These include: 

These tools are all there to continually support you on your fitness and health journey.  

Thank you very much for your time.

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