Libby's 50-50-50 Challenge


 Libby Norris


Welcome to Libby's 50-50-50 Challenge! 

3 Months Recharge Challenge!

   When approaching a benchmark birthday, I was trying to decide just how
  to make it meaningful and memorable.  Because I feel most inspired
  helping motivate others, I came up with the idea of "50-50-50"... as my
  50th birthday challenge, I want to help 50 people to lose 50 lbs!
   What stated off to be an admirable but unlikely idea has now snowballed
  into a national initiative to get people motivated, moving and feel
  amazing over an 8-month endeavor.  It became so obvious that there are
  so many people with the best of intentions to get active and live healthy
  but who may be missing the right resources and support they need to
  battle barrieres we face every day. 
  So we then became committed to helping everyone who wanted to join
  In order to help us accomplish this, ExerSciz Solutions, the proudly Canadian company that is providing our
  personalized online assessment and training site, has reduced its regular rate of $30/month to the equivalent of $15/month
  for people registering through our Challenge ($45 for your 3 months "Recharge Challenge").
  As soon as you complete the registration below, you will receive a "Welcome Email" that will guide you on how to  
  access your ExerSciz account, create your own customized fitness program with detailed exercises and weekly
  progressions.   There are instructional videos, exercise demos and information to support your success in both
  French and English.  The program evolves and changes based on your needs and schedule.
  I’ll be adding the motivation, tips and tricks you need with on-air segments but reaching out to all of you with
  additional coaching, webinars, conference calls and more based on what YOU need! 
  Along the way, I’ll be pulling in some of my favorite health and fitness friends and colleagues to touch on nutrition,
  dealing with injuries, the impact of hormones and more. 
  Simply register below to join us on this journey.  I feel confident that we can help you make THIS the program that
  works - the one that gives you the energy, the health and the results you want long term.


Click here to view The Challenge's introductory CTV broadcast 

Click here to view the 2nd segment, The Challenge Kick Off

Click here to view the 3rd segment, Cardio vs. weight training

By registering below, you will have access to the same ExerSciz on-line support tools that I will be using inside the Challenge.  You will be paying $45 for your 3 months Challenge.

We offer a full money back guarantee if cancelled during the first month.

This will make it really easy for you to participate in the Challenge with us and feel well supported all the way through.

Find out more about these wonderful, proudly Canadian tools right here! 


This campaign is over.

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