Advantages of Rubber Tubing

For many people training with tubing offers all the benefits of strength training with machines and weights with several advantages over the more traditional training modalities.


The most obvious advantage of using rubber tubing for your strength program is the portability of the tubing. Tubing takes up very little space and a complete program can be designed using two or three different resistances and household items like broom handles, stools, and chairs, making it an ideal training tool for those who want to train at home and have limited space. Tubing can easily fit into an overnight bag or suitcase when you are traveling, allowing busy professionals to get in their workout on the road.


Tubing is one of the most cost effective strengthening tools available, starting at under $5 for a single tube a complete home tubing gym can be developed for under $75. The low price makes tubing the ideal equipment for settings like physical education classes and group fitness.

Freedom of Motion

Tubing offers nearly complete freedom of motion. It can be adjusted to any size and shape body and can be used in an unlimited number of positions. The freedom of motion that you get from tubing means that not only are the major muscles exercised during a movement but the smaller stabilizing muscles that are important for preventing injury are also strengthened.

Tubing provides the opportunity to more closely simulate sports movements than free weights or machines. One of the main principals in sport conditioning training is transfer of training. Transfer of training refers to the amount of sport performance improvement that comes from a certain exercise or training method. For instance if you increase the amount you can bench press by 100% and your basketball free throw improves by 1% because of it you have a 1% transfer of training. We know that it is impossible to completely simulate a sport activity with any type of resistance training but the closer you can come to the movement the greater the rate of transfer. In some instance the tubing can actually be attached to the sport implement to ensure a closer simulation.

Many strength training machines lock you into a fixed movement pattern that is dictated by the pulley, cam and track arrangement of the machine, making them very effective for training the primary muscles but less effective at working the stabilizer muscles. The latest pulley devices from companies like Free Motion and Life Fitness come close to replicating the variety and freedom of motion that you get from tubing but even they are limited to a certain number of preset positions.

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